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BabyBlue Moontide Amber Green Colored Contact Lenses

With a subtle combination of orange and green, Moontide Amber Green just like a segment of rainbow add a touch of green to your eyes fantastically.| { Water content: 38%Thickness:...
$46.99 $27.99

BabyBlue Moontide Mix Blue Colored Contact Lenses

Transparent blue and orange, pure natural blood mixed eyes. The blue color and crisp softness of the pearl are as natural as it is, giving it a sense of transparency.|...
$46.99 $27.99

BabyBlue Moontide Violet Colored Contact Lenses

with a subtle combination of purple and orange, Moontide Violet make your eyes look dreamy.| { Water content: 38%Thickness: 0.08mm Texture: Polymacon Base curve: 8.5mmDiameter: 14.2mmPeriod of use: 12 monthsPackaging: 1 Pair...
$46.99 $27.99