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BabyBlue Storm Gray Colored Contact Lenses

A unique light gray style that will transform your dark eyes into a lustrous pearl-like gray. With its natural enlargement effect, Storm Gray will make any look extra glamorous and...
$27.99 $16.99

BabyBlue Aurora Gray Colored Contact Lenses

A dream-like medium gray style that compliments all skin tones. Aurora Gray will make you look mysterious, and feel very, very posh. It is a versatile lens that is perfect...
$28.99 $17.99

BabyBlue Dove Gray Colored Contact Lenses

Dove gray has greatly changed the color of the pupils and can adapt to the eyeballs very well. It is very suitable for some anime characters.|
$37.99 $27.99

BabyBlue Linen Gray Colored Contact Lenses

As soft as a flower, linen gray brings gentleness and nature, an excellent shot in a mature atmosphere.| The flower series meets the temperament of a gentle woman.The outer ring...

BabyBlue Aurora Steel Gray Colored Contact Lenses

Aurora Steel Gray add a mysterious edge to your look with something a little more alluring. A misty look is sure to add depth and a sense of enticement to...

BabyBlue Littlecat Gray Colored Contact Lenses

Do you like lively kittens? There are golden cat's paws on the lens, cute and playful. Bring this littcat gray contact lens to the party!|

BabyBlue Moon Gray Colored Contact Lenses

Moon gray engrave the stars and moon into your eyes. This latest lens brings the brightness of the night sky, suitable for you who want to be different.|
$37.99 $24.99

BabyBlue Mist Gray Colored Contact Lenses

Stay natural yet breathtakingly fresh. These natural grey contacts boast a simple but refreshing design.| The diameter of 14.00mm makes this contact lens blend into your eyes naturally. It can...
$29.99 $18.99

BabyBlue Charcoal Gray Colored Contact Lenses

The color rendering is very high, and it can be used in daily life or to attend some parties. With different makeup, the lenses sure will bring you in the...
$29.99 $18.99

BabyBlue Light Gray Colored Contact Lenses

Light gray contacts provide you the confidence to be unique and be you. The color payoff is something that makes these lenses totally irresistible. Light Gray lenses are not meant...
$28.99 $19.99

BabyBlue Mist Shine Gray II Colored Contact Lenses

The second-generation Dawn Mist adds some golden glitter, and the gray is perfect with it, making the lens more shiny, natural and transparent.| The diameter of 14.00mm makes this contact...
$30.99 $20.99

BabyBlue Blaxen Gray Colored Contact Lenses

The exterior is like a ring, Blaxen Gray creates stylish eyes with special charm, and the eyes are full of eternity.| There is endless eternity in your eyes.Eternal series makes your eyes look deep, as if the entire universe is in your eyes. This lens has the design that can make the color of your eyes stand out, it will showcase both the softness and strength in you at the same time.
$29.99 $19.99