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Blue Contacts

Our blue contacts are stunning, soft and comfortable, add a jewel-like sparkle to your eyes.


BabyBlue Turquoise Blue Colored Contact Lenses

The Turquoise Blue contacts sparkle your eyes as beautiful as a jewel. The tinted hazel fades around the pupil adding contrast and depth to your eyes.| There is endless eternity in your eyes.Eternal series makes your eyes look deep, as if the entire universe is in your eyes. This lens has the design that can make the color of your eyes stand out, it will showcase both the softness and strength in you at the same time. { Water content:...
$42.99 $24.99

BabyBlue Gaea Lake Blue Colored Contact Lenses

The golden brown around the pupil lights up your iris as the daybreak does to the dark sky. The outer deep blue and limbal ring bring a super vibrant and...
$43.99 $24.99

BabyBlue Theia Blue Colored Contact Lenses

The inner light brown around the pupil radiates out a sunburst pattern, enhancing the beauty of your eyes with ocean blue.| { Water content: 38%Thickness: 0.08mm Texture: Polymacon Base curve: 8.5mmDiameter: 14.5mmPeriod...
$43.99 $24.99

BabyBlue Rhea Blue-green Colored Contact Lenses

The tinted yellow fades around the pupil adding contrast and depth to your eyes. The limbal ring frames the iris, giving a slight enlargement effect.| { Water content: 38%Thickness: 0.08mm Texture:...
$43.99 $24.99

BabyBlue Silver Blue Colored Contact Lenses

These color contacts will make you look like you were born with stunning blue eyes like the ocean.| { Water content: 38%Thickness: 0.08mm Texture: Polymacon Base curve: 8.5mmDiameter: 14.0mmPeriod of use: 12...
$45.99 $26.99

BabyBlue Sky Blue Colored Contact Lenses

The Skyl Blue Colored Contacts provides you a comfortable wearing experience and an extremely natural look with its one-tone color and no limbal ring design. Suitable for daily wear.| {...
$41.90 $21.99

BabyBlue Moon Blue Colored Contact Lenses

Moon blue engrave the moon into your eyes. This latest lens brings the brightness of the night sky, suitable for you who want to be different.| { Water content: 38%Thickness:...
$45.99 $26.99

BabyBlue Moontide Mix Blue Colored Contact Lenses

Transparent blue and orange, pure natural blood mixed eyes. The blue color and crisp softness of the pearl are as natural as it is, giving it a sense of transparency.|...
$46.99 $27.99

BabyBlue Blue Quartz Colored Contact Lenses

With three tones and a fascinating lens print, creating an innocent, dolly look and sure to become your new favorite accessory.| The Krystallos series is warm and elegant. The colors of gems and crystals merge with each other to form a harmonious whole, dazzling light, and show an elegant and mysterious identity. This series makes your eyes shine like crystals and exude confidence. { Water content: 38%Thickness: 0.08mm Texture: Polymacon Base curve: 8.5mmDiameter:...
$42.99 $26.99

BabyBlue Lacquer Blue Colored Contact Lenses

Lacquer Blue seem to enchant by making your eyes look deep sea blue. They also illuminate & add depth to your iris that itself is a fantasy to achieve.| The...
$40.99 $24.99

BabyBlue Ice Blue Colored Contact Lenses

Blue blends into lime green, leading to dark specks creating the illusion of greater contrast and a a wider eye in this unique three-tone colored contact lens.| Summer is coming here, a summer fruit party is in progress!Thousands of precise dots come together to give your eyes a shining beautyThe soft borderless design shows the original eye color, the golden part in the middle of some styles also reflects very well. This series is very suitable for summer and makes people full of energy. { Water...
$43.99 $24.50

BabyBlue Sea Blue Colored Contact Lenses

The blue like the sea, it is easy to change the color of the eyes. The bright blue is suitable for parties or cosplay.| { Water content: 38%Thickness: 0.08mm Texture: Polymacon Base...
$43.99 $24.50