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BabyBlue Alluring Fruit Blue Colored Contact Lenses

These blue contacts feature a stunning yellowish pattern in the middle of the lens that blends with any shade of eye color.| Summer is coming here, a summer fruit party is in progress!Thousands of precise dots come together to give your eyes a shining beautyThe soft borderless design shows the original eye color, the golden part in the middle of some styles also reflects very well. This series is very suitable for summer and makes people full of energy.
$27.99 $18.99

BabyBlue Amethyst Colored Contact Lenses

The Amethyst creating the illusion of realistic, naturally purple eyes that truly do dazzle.| The Krystallos series is warm and elegant. The colors of gems and crystals merge with each other to form a harmonious whole, dazzling light, and show an elegant and mysterious identity. This series makes your eyes shine like crystals and exude confidence.
$29.99 $19.99

BabyBlue Aurora Blue Colored Contact Lenses

The Aurora Blue Contacts blending the ocean blue with tinted yellow, the special pattern creates a unique but natural looking.|
$29.99 $21.99

BabyBlue Aurora Brown Colored Contact Lenses

This natural colored contact is best for your eyes. Lovely and light brown shade that are ideal for creating a natural transformation over dark eyes.|
$28.99 $19.99

BabyBlue Aurora Gray Colored Contact Lenses

A dream-like medium gray style that compliments all skin tones. Aurora Gray will make you look mysterious, and feel very, very posh. It is a versatile lens that is perfect...
$28.99 $17.99

BabyBlue Aurora Green Colored Contact Lenses

Green color on the outside ring smoothly transitions to reveal natural eye color on the inside, it’s a natural colored contact.|
$28.99 $19.99

BabyBlue Aurora Light Brown Colored Contact Lenses

Compared to Aurora Brown these lenses create a bright, yellow-gold look, pair with a stylized makeup look for more dramatic results.|

BabyBlue Aurora Steel Gray Colored Contact Lenses

Aurora Steel Gray add a mysterious edge to your look with something a little more alluring. A misty look is sure to add depth and a sense of enticement to...

BabyBlue Aurora Yellow-green Colored Contact Lenses

Due to its perfect blend of yellow and green, the contact lens creates an unparalleled soft image, adding depth and warmth to your eyes.|

BabyBlue Avocado Green Colored Contact Lenses

Avocado Green Colored Contacts are vibrant contacts without a bold limbal ring. Bringing you the most dreamy and shiny looking.| Summer is coming here, a summer fruit party is in progress!Thousands of precise dots come together to give your eyes a shining beautyThe soft borderless design shows the original eye color, the golden part in the middle of some styles also reflects very well. This series is very suitable for summer and makes people full of energy.

BabyBlue Black Halloween Colored Contact Lenses

Black Halloween contacts will help you achieve that deadly look that makes you stand out from the crowd this Halloween. It makes your makeup look dark and increase terror.|
$36.99 $26.99

BabyBlue Blaxen Gray Colored Contact Lenses

The exterior is like a ring, Blaxen Gray creates stylish eyes with special charm, and the eyes are full of eternity.| There is endless eternity in your eyes.Eternal series makes your eyes look deep, as if the entire universe is in your eyes. This lens has the design that can make the color of your eyes stand out, it will showcase both the softness and strength in you at the same time.
$29.99 $19.99